What's Pupcycle?

Pupcycle Eco-friendly Dog Toys, zippypaws and snugarooz toys, lanco dog toys


We've curated a unique selection of the world's coolest Eco-conscious, Eco-friendly, non-toxic and sustainable dog toys from our Eco-Pet industry super-partners. Our toy collections are designed to brighten your pup's day and help make the world a greener place. 

Rule #1: No Subscriptions.

Why? We don't like the idea of a pile of toys your pup never plays with, eventually adding to a landfill. We believe in buying quality over quantity and know that our consumers do too. Plus, pet parents need cash to eat and save more doggos so paying monthly doesn't make sense to us. 

Rule #2: Well, it's actually a bag.

Pupcycle box isn't actually a box..it's a 100% compostable bag filled with eco-conscious dog goodies. We like compostable bags over boxes that take up space in your Recycling bin. So, why do we call it a box? Well, honestly, we didn't know what else to call it and "dog toy surprise bag" just doesn't sound so jazzy. 

Rule #3: Be a Good Hooman.

To us, this means doing our best to be mindful of the products we choose, the life we live, and our impact on the earth and its creatures. This includes making sure our business is a force for good. We're committed to use our resources to give back to shelters, rescues and other welfare groups. So, we decided a portion of each bag helps us support those non-profits doing good in the community and across the world.