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Ah, where it all began..

P.S. Some parts of this story may be hard to read for pet parents*

In the summer of 2019 my husband and I fell in love with an 8-year-old Greyhound named Fly. She was rescued along with 550 other Greys from one of the world's deadliest dog tracks in Macau, China after being illegally traded from Australia. Toothless and full of battle scars she made her way thousands of miles to Austin, Texas with the help of some amazing humans and animal welfare groups from across the globe.

Check out this turkey face:

Fly of Pupcycle

After hearing Fly's story we decided to make a life change. Fly had to be part of our family and we had to be the best humans (#beagoodhooman) we could to give her the life she deserved. We adopted Fly that October and made her a permanent part of our family.

So, we did what any fur-baby-obsessed pet parents would do. We invested in the best all-natural foods, acupuncture, supplements, doggie cameras, trainers, walkers, multiple beds, mountains of toys, etc. All Fly needed to do was breathe and she was showered with love and endless gifts.

Introducing Fly to her life outside of racing was fascinating, and still is! The process is what we imaged introducing an alien to life on earth would be like. Fly needed to inspect every blade of grass, sniff every tree, and make note of the strange new animals roaming the earth. Her curiosity and enthusiasm for the green world we live in (despite her previous life) was surprising. She was fearless and excited for all things new.

As we settled in to life together, we soon realized that most pups were not living the MTV Cribs/Instagram worthy lifestyle that Fly was. It pained us to think of creatures like her that had been abused, abandoned and discarded by humans, and still are every day. 

After sending a few chunks of my paycheck to animal welfare nonprofits, I realized there had to be a better way to help animals in need. Inspired by Fly's appreciation for nature and the plight of rescued pets, the idea for Pupcycle was born. 

 - Veronica, The Dude & Fly


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Meet The Hoomans Behind Pupcycle


Veronica, Head Hooman
 Veronica at Pupcycle
Breed: Tall Hooman, Female
Likes: Sunny spots, clear skies, running for fun, hanging with Fly and The Dude by the lake.
Dislikes: Trash, mean people.
Favorite Food(s): Salad, pizza, french fries and a nice wine
Favorite Dog Breed: All of them, duh.
Favorite Animal Welfare Group: Greyhound Adoption League - Central Texas.
Best Part About Being A Dog Mom: That feeling when your dog gets happy for seemingly no reason at all and wants to play with you.  
The Dude, Husband to Head Hooman and Hype Man
Miguel at Pupcycle
Breed: Tall Hooman, Male
Likes: My wife, Dog, Bicycle and Beer.
Dislikes: Traffic, Big Cities
Favorite Food(s): Tacos
Favorite Dog Breed: Labs are my spirit animal, but all dogs really.
Favorite Animal Welfare Group: All of them.
Best Part About Being A Dog Dad: Having morning zoomies with coffee.