Our Cool Toy Makers

Let's get real, eco-friendly dog toys haven't always been cool, tough, or fun-looking for pets and hoomans.

When most think of eco-pet toys they think of dirt brown packaging and rough-looking scratchy-hemp ropes. The good news is, those days are gone! 

We've curated an exciting collection of toys from innovative Makers who are pioneering what it means to offer great toy design with eco-friendly materials.

Checkout our Makers: 

Lanco Toys 

Say "Hola" to this cool brand out of Barcelona, Spain. Since the 1950's they've been handcrafting toys from natural rubber through sustainable methods and designing them with their group of artisans for humans and doggos alike. 




Tested, tough and made here in 'murica, SodaPup toys are made from a proprietary, naturally-sourced composite known as PuppyPrene that is "power-chewer" approved. All of their toys undergo rigorous testing and are platelet free and meet the FDA and California's safety standards.  




Snuga-what? Yah, Snugarooz, don't fugged-it! This New York based brand is making award-winning plush toys out of recycled water bottles. These eco-friendly dog toys are cool, soft and heckin' stylish.



Zippy Paws

This cool California brand is known for their awesome design, high quality goods and for doing tons of Social Good! Their Crusherz toys feature a unique reusable squeaker and the option to use your recycled water bottles to stuff the toy for years of toy use.