How many toys will I get in my Pupcycle Box (Bag)?

Each box comes with 3 super-cool, eco-friendly dog toys that we'll hand pick from our latest Edit and send to you with love. You'll get a squeaky toy, chew toy and a premium plushie - all from the top makers of sustainable dog toys. Sometimes we'll even toss in an extra goodie ;).


What's your sustainability policy? 

From our toys to packing we're committed to making the most eco-friendly, sustainable, and economical choices to operate our business and provide you and your pup amazing products.

This means sourcing eco-friendly products, using 100% compostable packaging by noissue, eco-friendly inks for printing our swag, and avoiding single-use-plastics whenever we can.

We aren't perfect humans, but we do our best everyday to reduce our impact on the planet and get as close to being zero-waste as possible. By making changes to the products we use in our personal lives and in our homes and our community clean-up efforts our mission for sustainability continues. 


Where do you source your toys from?

Origin of each product depends on where our manufacturers produce them we're proud to say a majority of our toys are made here in the U.S.A. Check out our Toy Maker page for more details.


What are your toys made from? 

  • Some of our toys are made from recycled materials and components, others are made to be compostable. Others are made from sustainable natural fibers and materials. 
  • When we surprise you with treats or other pet products, they will be all-natural, organic and/or from sustainable sources. 
  • For more information, visit the links above on our Toy Makers.


What if my toy shows up broken/not working?

Email us at veronica@pupcycle.com and we'll help make it right.


What if my pup doesn't like their toys? 

Email us at veronica@pupcycle.com as long as the toys are unused with tags intact we'll work to find you something that they'll love.


What's your return policy?

Don't love your toys? Something wrong? You've got 30 days to contact us so we can make it right. Email us at woof@pupcycle.com and checkout our policy on returns in the footer.


How do you support animal welfare?

Portions of each Pupcycle product allow us to spend time and funds that aid us in giving to organizations in the Austin, Texas area. As we grow our presence in the United States we hope to expand to other metro areas and support animal welfare nationwide.

$5 from each T-shirt or hat purchase goes towards our "Good Hooman Fund" that helps us give to local shelters.


How can I help animals in my community?

Oh Yay! We love volunteers! Email us at veronica@pupcycle.com about volunteering and we'll help set you up with a volunteer kit to get you started on your #goodhooman status.