What To Do With Your Dog When It's Too Hot Outside

As a Texan, Summertime means a few weeks of 90 degrees and then days on end of 100 degree-plus weather. The heat has become oppressive, especially during COVID times. Parks and river access are closed on some weekends, as well as local parks. It is pretty hard to find somewhere to cool off as humans, so imagine being a thin-skinned Greyhound or a fluffy Husky - the heat is BRUTAL. 

With Greyhounds having less body fat than other dogs, they are more susceptible to cold and hot temperatures negatively affecting them. *Fun Fact

So, what to do with your dog when it's 100 degrees and they are sitting their longingly on their bed, with those big shiny eyes, bored as hell, and wanting any sort of attention from you?

Here's an option for you, try building a busy box! We got this idea from one of our fave dog moms, Tori Mistick of Wear Wag Repeat.  So what's a Busy Box anyway? It's a combination of toys, treats, and some sort of dog-safe container where you as the human put them together in such a way that your pup has to figure out got to get to the treats and the toys. 

It's like a homemade puzzle toy essentially. Cool right? Yeah! 

A few reasons why we like this idea:

A busy box is a great way to keep your dog mentally engaged and stimulated when they aren't able to do physical exercise. Some research shows that doing mental puzzles can be as stimulating as the same amount of physical exercise.

Aside from that, chewing, pulling, and using their brain to figure out how to get to their tasty treats. Doing puzzles like this helps to reduce your pup's anxiety and satisfy their need to chew and explore.

You and your pup don't have to sweat it out in the blazing sun, potentially suffering from dehydration and hot pavement. 

And, last but not least, it's a great way to reinvent some of the toys you have on hand and other materials like bottles, boxes, towels, and old bones. Hint, hint - it's a great sustainable option! 

What else? 

Training videos! You don't need a huge amount of space to work on simple commands and connecting with your pup. 

Don't have any cash to shell out on online training? There are tons of options on Youtube to try some new tricks or ways to better engage with your furry bud. 

Ready for the next step? You can safely do in-person training with early mornings or evenings with a trusted dog trainer. If you're having trouble with your Youtube training, hiring a trainer for an hour is a great way to get some professional help AND help enhance the skills you've built up. 


Lastly, get old school with it. What do I mean? Break out the sprinkler, lawn chairs, and the water bowls full of ice. If you're lucky enough to have a yard or a shared space, a few minutes of intense play outside with plenty of water involved could help your pups get out some much-needed energy, plus it's a great way to get some exercise yourself.  


What do you and your pup do to stay cool during the summer months? Let us know in the comments below! 


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