Stuff We Like - Episode 1

Drumroll, please!


Ladies, Gents, and Non-binary friends welcome to the first edition of "Stuff We Like". 

In this episode of "Stuff We Like", we'll run through some of my favorite picks for everyday human self-care and eco-living with your furry friend. Get pumped. 


The best part about this blog - it's a vlog.

You get to see my un-botoxed, crazy-ass eyebrows, and goose-neck work their magic while you check out some cool products. Also, (and this is really the best part) Miguel (my sweet husband) makes a great background soundtrack throughout the entire video. $5 to anyone that can tell me the exact minute he starts making noise on his conference call and nearly ruins it all. 


And with that, I leave you with this: Voila. 



Oh, here are the links to buy stuff:


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  • Love this little extra! Great info for healthy happy pups and chic eco products to keep their hoomans healthy and happy too!

    • April