Stuff We Like Episode 5 - Reusable Dog Diapers, Pee Pads & Eco-Straws


Hieee. It's me again, Veronica. (Duh you know that, right?)

In this episode of Stuff We Like we shared sustainable options for pups that are potty training. Whether your a new puppy parent, just brought home a rescue or you have a senior pup with incontinence I've got two (actually, 3) sustainable products for you guys to check out. 

We recently started Fostering with the Greyhound Adoption League and have been working on housebreaking our new 15-month-old friend, Bones. The good news is, Bones isn't marking. The bad news is, he legit can't hold his pee for a minute so if we aren't fast enough to go outside, he has an accident. Poor fella. 

We're not a fan of those bulky looking dog diapers, and honestly, I've never known a dog that likes them. So for pups in our home, I've chosen a greener option to pet diapers by purchasing reusable ones. 

For Fly, we purchased them before she was spayed. As an older girl her cycle wasn't that heavy, but being an almost 70 lb. greyhound, I was not about to deal with her mess. I personally kicked the habit of disposable period products so the switch made sense for her too. 

For the boy, sweet bones, we liked this dog diaper from Simple Solutions. We'll tell ya about it more- just watch the video :).

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