Stuff We Like Episode 3 - Fromm Family Foods, Wondercide and Pet Naturals of Vermont


The things people put on the internet, man...

I've gotta say we've spent A LOT of time on the internet lately, maybe more than we'd like to admit. The internet is life right now. TBH though, we like it. Everyone seems to be letting their freak flag fly a little higher, people are being nicer, we're connecting with people we haven't seen in years or never thought to reach out too. It's cool stuff. 

That being said, blogging has turned into something we really enjoy and a great way to connect with our pet parents out there. It's a way for us to be self-expressive and we just love all the positive feedback you're sending our way - so thank you :). 


ANYWAY - check out the latest episode, links below to buy stuff. Also, yes, I did eat a dog treat in this video and yes, it was delish.


XX - V & Fly


In this episode, we went a litttttlleee crazy and tried some dog treats like actually ate them. Good thing they are human grade :)

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