Giving Hounds a "Greyt" Holiday

We've always been amazed at those who dedicate their lives to helping animals.

The compassion and energy it takes to help those who can't help themselves is 100% worthy of saint-hood. (Go ahead, prove me wrong)



So, After hearing of the efforts Greyhound Rescue Austin went through to bring Fly and her friends from the Canidrome in Macau, China to Austin, Texas I was so moved to support their future efforts and the 15 hounds in their care. Why wouldn't I want to give back to those who brought my sweet, cold-nosed, lanky, derpy angel to me? I swear, I would have started to sell my blood in order to give those doggos. 

My new-found friends and I at GRA banded together and kicked-off a holiday auction to raise some cash and make the holidays "Greyt" for the hounds in their care! Sounds fun, right? It was!! 

Fly and I bounced all over ATX and were able to gather goodies from our neighboring businesses and Pup-friendly hang-outs. Holler back to the gang at Nulo, Austin Terrier, Oz. Tap House, and Amy's Ice cream for donating to support the hounds. Without folks like them, I would have been out of another paycheck LOL.

At the end of the auction, we raised $3,000 thanks to our partners and auction participants. We were super stoked to see the funds go to healthcare and rehabilitative services for the doggos. There's nothing better than a happy, healthy snoot to snuggle and it warmed our hearts to be able to give to those who brought so much joy to our lives. 

Interested in Volunteering to support your local animals in need? Emails us and we'll share some ways to help!

 Until next time, 


XX V & Fly




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