Being a Dog Mom Isn't Easy

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Recently, I found myself scrolling through the feeds of Instagram and admiring my fellow dog moms, pup-fluencers, and pet parents out there sharing the best parts of their life, trials, tribulations, and general life during the quarantine. I love seeing people being authentic on social media, I think it’s important for us to be raw sometimes, show real-life, and tell stories that sometimes aren’t easy to share.


We all know it’s easy to get caught up looking at others on social media and ask, “how do they do it?”, and then start comparing yourself to them, finding and picking at all of our own imperfections and inadequacies.


Well, the truth is as a working dog-mom of two, wife, full-time Marketing Manager for a national brand, and owner of Pupcycle – my plat is pretty full. I don’t say this to make it seem like YOU or others don’t have a lot to handle, the truth is, we ALL have a lot going on


A coworker asked me the other day, "how do you balance it all?", so I decided to take a moment to reflect on my day-to-day.


For those that know me, they know I am a creature of habit - planning, the right tools, and being honest about what is going on in my personal life is pretty much always out on the table. 


That being said, I figured I’d share with you guys how I try to balance work, life, self-care, my relationships, etc.  



I make setting my alarm each day and walking the pups for the same amount of time a priority Setting timers or alarms for work to get done or take walks along with having push notifications and reminders on my phone and Fitbit are a must for me.



Most people don’t like to “plan”, it makes them feel locked-down and gives them anxiety that they HAVE to do something, but when you get in a habit it really frees up time throughout the day and makes juggling it all less stressful. You would be surprised the hours you save when you plan meals, walk times, playtime with the family, and of course, time for yourself.


Do I sleep-in sometimes? Yeah of course, when the dogs let me, or The Dude takes the dogs alone.


Working from home, it’s easy to get complacent by wanting to sleep-in and put off work until JUST before that meeting, or call, but I make sure my coffee and shower happen before I open my laptop. After the pups eat it’s the perfect 20-30 minutes, I need to get ready for the day.


I don’t wear a bunch of makeup, but I am obsessive about my skin-care routine. Serums, moisturizer, and SPF are a must, even if I plan to be a hermit all day, I still do it.


Time with The Dude:


My husband often travels for work, but when he’s home, we make sure to walk the dogs in the morning and evening together, talk about the day and what we have planned. It might sound like a chore, but this is a set time for us to communicate what we expect out of the day and how we can help each other. This is a huge part of keeping this stress-free.


Our walks are also a time for us to divide and conquer, for example: Planning a dinner or going out to eat with the dogs, we can find time in our days when we want to have time just for us. If we didn’t do this, the dogs, work, and our business would totally take over our lives. Plus, we end up walking a few miles a day which is just a healthy activity overall.


For the Pups:


I make sure to plan our walks and food prepped and ready for them as well as their supplements the night before. This helps me schedule my breaks in-between the workday and I can be upfront with my boss when I plan to take them out.



Balancing Work:


I take lunch breaks. I didn’t for a longgg time. I thought I was being so productive and dedicated by working through lunch or eating at my desk. This is a must for those working from home or back at an office, if you don’t take a break and schedule it in, you won’t make time for yourself. On my lunch break, I make food and take the dogs for a quick 15-minute walk and check in on Pupcycle.


After 5 is usually when I work on Pupcycle for an hour or so, honestly sometimes more, making sure to try and get a workout in before dinner plans or playtime with the dogs with the husband and a few episodes on Netflix.



Want to know how other Dog-Moms are making it work? Check out the feature from It Takes A Village including yours truly 😊


Let us know your tips for other dog-moms below!

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