Are Dog Subscription Boxes Worth It?

Dog subscription boxes seem like a great idea, don't they? New toys every month, your pups will be so pleased, they're cute and trendy, plus they don't cost THAT much, right? 

When starting Pupcycle we went into the deep end trying to figure out the answer to this question and we came up with our own answers after what we consider some SERIOUS investigations into the dog toy manufacturing world. We had a hunch of what the answer would be, but we wanted to make sure we had a strong enough case to prove whether or not dog toy subscription boxes were really worth it. 


Before we get into the Pros and Cons, remember.. we aren't a subscription box for a reason 😉, however, we will make a diplomatic and "scientific" case so you can decide for yourself if dog toy subscription boxes are worth it for you.


Pros for Subscription Boxes:

  • You feel good about giving your pup something new
  • Your pup likes new toys
  • You pup destroys toys often and needs new toys and treats
  • You don't have to go shopping for toys
  • Some of the toys are cute for pictures with your pup 



The Cons for Subscription Boxes:

  • You spend almost $500 a year on dog toys (40x12 =$480)
  • Your pup doesn't really care about new toys and only plays with some
  • You have an overflowing basket of dog toys in the center of your living room
  • Tons of wasteful packaging that is only useful for a post on Insta (prove me wrong)
  • The toys are made from materials that contribute to landfill waste and overall pollution
  • Monthly shipping adds to your carbon footprint and climate change

Whoa. These Cons are getting serious.

We didn't make these cons up btw:

So what does this all mean? Are dog subscription boxes worth it or not?

Hold on. We're getting there!

When you break it down, what are you and your pup REALLY benefitting from spending $30-$40 a month, AKA $500* a year on new toys? Is it the toys or something else? And what's the true cost of these purchases other than that on your savings account?

The scientific truth is, we emotionally benefit from giving our dog something because we LOVE them. The greatest benefit from a subscription box is the way we FEEL when we get it in the mail and give it to our pups. 

Btw there is no shame in the above. You're a pet parent for a reason, you love animals. Animals deserve the world and we should give it to them. 

Depending on who you are and what is important to you, the pros may outweigh the cons. That's okay, no judgment! But if you look at the cons of a subscription box and they strike a chord, we get it. 

Our Answer to Are Dog Subscription Boxes Worth it? Nah. Nope. No, Thank You. For us, the impact on our wallets and the planet isn't worth it. 

So, how can you still feel like "Dog-Mom of the Year" without paying tons of money for toys and contributing to global warming?

  • Buying quality dog toys over quantity ✅
  • Purchasing Eco-friendly options when available ✅
  • Buying from companies that support a cause ✅

Trust us, you will still feel like an awesome dog-parent by doing the above, but you'll also feel like a rock star because you're helping keep the planet green and helping animals! Don't believe us?

Read Below on the science behind generosity:


Shameless Plus Section:

We seriously considered making Pupcycle a subscription box, but we decided against it when we realized it wasn't best for our customers, their pups, and the planet. This is why we chose to offer limited edition, seasonal collections aka Edits with eco-friendly dog toys AND give back to local animal welfare groups. We made this decision for all of us earth-dwellers because we want to feel good and do good at the same time.

What's an Edit? 

Think of Edits like a quarterly mystery box, or a seasonal collection from a high-end fashion brand. Once the season ends, the styles and selection will change. Edits offer pet parents the ability to still give their pups something new, cute, and high-quality - but without the high cost and negative impacts on the planet and your wallet. Cool, right? 

Get yours here


 Welp, that's all folks! 


xx- V & Fly





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