The Unexpected Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Dog Toys

Greetings Puppers. 

ICYMI, there's a movement happening in the dog toy world. It seems every day there is another dog toy company that is turning out eco-friendly dog toys or coming up with environmentally-friendly pet accessories. HECK YEAH!

Historically, the pet biz has been notorious for generating waste in food and toy processing and unfortunately making food, toys, and treats that are more harmful to our pets than beneficial. Lame.

Every year, tons of toys are tossed back to landfills and toxic byproducts are sent back in the environment. Generating waste that takes hundreds of years to naturally break down. Even worse, some of those toxic chemicals from manufacturing and composition make their way into your home. Yuck.

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Check out this article to learn more about pet industry pollution: 

Needless to say, we're happy companies big and small are taking steps to change the negative side effects of production either by offsetting their carbon footprint, changing packaging, or finding ways to lessen their impact and move to more sustainable business practices.

We love seeing pet parents voting with their dollars and choosing options that are kinder to the environment (even if it isn’t with a Pupcycle Box).

Actions like this are what help grow the eco-pet industry and ultimately make the world a better place to hang out on.

So what are these magical “unexpected” benefits of eco-friendly dog toys?


You might be surprised. Just stay with me.

As you can imagine, when you purchase a product there’s a lot that went into making it a reality. Sometimes we’d rather think that the things we purchase magically appear in the store. This obviously isn’t true.

There are people behind everything you touch and an impact on our world whether or not you immediately see it.

When you purchase something, you’re supporting the jobs of a few hundred people - maybe even more! You’re supporting those running the business, the people who make the products, deliver the products, those who source the raw materials, those who help design them, etc. 

Thinking about this is actually REALLY overwhelming, but the takeaway here is that a ton of people and effort went into making your doggo happy! Of course, with global commerce, there are negative effects - but this post isn’t about those, it’s about the positive ones. 

So, let’s list some of the benefits of eco-friendly dog toys.

You Support Small Business 

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Many eco-friendly dog toymakers are small business owners. 

Huge pet companies may have the ability to make toys on a large scale, but it’s usually family-owned brands who are the ones sparking the idea and doing the research on eco-friendly dog toy solutions. 

Just take a look at the toy selection in Petco, PetSmart, or BarkBox versus the toy selection in a smaller pet supply chain - or even online. You’ll notice that most eco-friendly dog toys aren’t found in big-box stores. Most of them are only found in boutiques & family-owned retailers or being sold online. There’s a reason for that. 

Most Big Box retailers won’t do business with companies that don’t have the manufacturing capability to mass-produce. In the case of sustainable dog toys, this is actually a positive thing. It prevents overproduction and waste associated with unused toys. It also opens doors for other small businesses to support each other, building community and keeping mom & pop businesses alive.

Think about it. We love the selection at big box stores and the convenience of shopping online, but isn’t it great to buy something that actually knows you and recognizes your dog? Or buying from an online store where the owner runs their Instagram? (*cough, cough* Me.) 

Healthier Pets

Healthy pet- pupcycle

Yes, you read that right. Healthier pets. 

How is that possible? Well, fun fact: Many eco-friendly dog toys are made with natural fibers like hemp, cotton, wool, jute, and natural rubber. With these materials, many makers choose not to use harmful dyes, scents, or other chemicals that can hurt your pup. Why? Because they wouldn’t give those things to their human children, so why give it to their fur babies? 

Sustainable pet products made from natural fibers are generally processed in a way that allows the natural fiber to stay in-tact, rather than using extreme chemicals to break down the fibers. 

Comparatively speaking, toys made from natural fibers are likely to be less manufactured or processed than toys made from petroleum-based products. Because of this, the result is usually a non-toxic pet toy and something that is way safer and healthier for your pet to nibble, chew, and tug on. 

You Spend Less on Dog Toys

 Cash- pupcycle

You probably noticed that most sustainable and eco-dog toys are more expensive than other toys. This probably seems contradictory to spending less on dog toys, right?

Here’s our reasoning: Eco toys cost more to make because of the care that goes into making them. With smaller production and higher costs, makers know they need to deliver a quality product that last longer than the average $3 toy.

The argument here is that when you spend a little extra on a quality eco-friendly dog toy, it’s likely to last longer than some cheaper toys. 

longer lasting toys = buying less toys

There’s also the shift in mindset we make as consumers. By knowing the process and environmental impact to make the products we consume, many pet parents opt for consuming less.


Well, there you have it, folks! Did you expect those results? Feel free to share how being an eco-pet parent is positively impacting your world and let us know what you thought in the comments below.


Xoxo - V & Fly



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